5 Secrets To Cooking Great Pizza 

Everybody loves a good pizza, especially if they do not need to prepare it themselves! However, nothing compares to the delicious homemade pizza that is cheesy, soft and that perfectly molds around your tastes. That being said, here you will find the top 5 most important secrets to making a great tasting pizza at home:

1. Choose The Right Flour

The type and the quality of the flour can impact the final result – look at the flour as if it is the foundation of a home. If the foundation is good and sturdy, so will be the final result. You basically have two options: you can either use all-purpose flour, which contains less protein and will result in a crustier, crunchier pizza (perfect for those who like this type of pizza) or you can use bleached flour, which adds a bit of elasticity to the pizza and makes it easy to shape and handle. Regardless of your choice, it is important to add a bit of olive oil to the dough, as this will make it easier for you to shape it and will prevent tearing.

2. Prepare The Dough And Do The Stretching By Hand 

If you truly want to enjoy a delicious homemade pizza, then you should be prepared to do almost everything by hand. Stretching the dough by hand is a must – avoid using rolling pins or stretching materials of any kind, as your hands are a lot practical and the final result will be a lot better. You can stretch and shape it just the way you want it.

3. Give It Plenty Of Heat

While it is true that you can cook delicious pizza in a regular kitchen oven, if you are truly committed to making the best out of it you should certainly invest in an outdoor pizza oven or an outdoor pizza fireplace. This stone pizza fireplace are designed to provide the dough with just enough heat – approximately 850 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 300 degrees over the regular temperature of a home cooking oven. Besides this, a special pizza oven will also retain the heat and allow you to keep the pizza hot for hours. 

4. Don’t Neglect The Edges 

Most of the people choose to throw away the edges of the pizza, but if you are the type who loves to eat them, then make sure to brush them with olive oil and then add a pinch of garlic salt to them. Not only will this soften up the edges, but it will also give them a delicious glow – you will see that the crust of the pizza will instantly absorb all the oil.

5. Always Use Fresh Ingredients, Including Fresh Mozzarella

Last, but not least, it is crucial to make sure that you always rely exclusively on fresh ingredients – nothing that has been previously shredded or frozen. The mozzarella is undoubtedly one of the key ingredients, so make sure to buy fresh mozzarella that you can shred and slice at home, as opposed to shredded and bagged mozzarella.